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Plan pracy

No. Description of mobilities and other activities Destination country Approx. start date Partners involved

-PPT presentation of schools via email and on the website.

20.09.2013 All
2 -creating a logo for the project. 30.09.2013 All
3 -creating a Website and a blog for the project

-creating a Facebook group

15.10.2013 All
4 -a research on the attractiveness of teaching physical education and science as subjects developing students’ interests and passions. Creating a report. 20.10.2013 All
5 “New truths – old truths in sport and science” – a multimedia quiz showing the students the recent developments in the fields of science and sport and their influence on everyday life – creating quiz questions and sending them to the coordinator. 30.10.2013 All

-PPT presentations of countries, regions and schools

-choosing a logo of the project

-doing sports together

-visiting FC Barcelona

-meeting with a popular sportsman

-learning the sports song-Spanish students and teachers teach the partners the most popular Spanish sport song

-writing a Sports Newspaper with the explanation of what happened during the visit

-creating a bilingual dictionary referring to the given topic


ES-SPAIN November 2013 All
7 -broadcasting the meeting on the Internet and presenting it in the press-sending the written news and pictures to local newspapers and putting them on the school website. 15.12.2013 All, local media

-creating a questionnaire about healthy lifestyle, sports habits, eating habits, addictions of the students, their families and teachers

– making a PPT with the results of the questionnaire and suggestions of possible improvements

– creating a multimedia quiz or game about healthy lifestyle

15.01.2014 all
9 – science experiments „The nurtitive value of different kinds of food”

– identificaton of nutrients in various groceries

– estimation of vitamine C content in fruit and vegetables

– implementation of biotechnology in food industry;cheese production

15.02.2014 all

– exhibition of each school’s results of the survey and experiment videos

– teaching other students how to do winter sports

– meeting and greeting with a sportsman/woman

-creating a bilingual dictionary referring to the given topic

– learning the sport song

– presenting the multimedia quiz

AT-AUSTRIA March/April 2014 All
11 – broadcasting the meeting on the Internet and presenting it in the press 15.04.2014 All, local media

– creating a bilingual exhibition: study the profits of doing sports, research about different benefits of each sport

– showing that presumed evidence and theories on the sports world are not as real as they are overally accepted

22.04.2014 All
13 – organizing a Festival of Sport

– creating a video of the Festival including some references to the bilingual exhibition

20.05.2014 All, local community, parents, charity organizations
14 – broadcasting the event on the Internet and presenting it in the press. Showing the exhibition and the video in some public institutions 25.05.2014 All, local media

– conducting research on the city sport resources and creating a website with all the information and links relevant to provide this data to students, their families and the general public

05.10.2014 All, sport clubs
16 – conducting a research about „Sport as a strategy for EU” – what atype of plans and strategies are used to promote sport in general and at schools on the EU level as well as on the local levels 15.10.2014 All
17 – interview with a scientist who works for athletes: hematologist, orthopedist, analyst

– science in the service of sport: how to take advantage of science and technology for the benefit of sport and physical performance

Making a video of the interview with subtitles in English

30.10.2014 All

– sharing the results of EU sport strategies research

– exhibition of video interviews

– doing sports together-pupils teaching pupils, teachers teaching teachers

– meeting with a Turkish athlete

– learning the sport song-Turkish students and teachers will teach the partners the most popular Turkish sports song

– creating a bilingual dictionary

TR-TURKEY November 2014 All
19 – broadcasting the meeting on the Internet and presenting it in the press 10.12.2014 All, local media

– analyzing the values that sport conveys and creating posters, banners or visual work to promote those values e.g. team work, education efforts, anti-doping, fair-play, athletes as role models for young people

28.01.2015 All
21 – conducting research on anti-doping through WADA

– creating a brochure establishing a Code of Conduct to become a Play True Generation

15.02.2015 All

– getting in contact with clubs and organizations working with physically and mentally disabled people and paying visits to those institutions. Doing sports together with disabled people. Preserving the experience in form of a video or a photo story album

20.03.2015 All, charity organizations, sport clubs
23 – creating a set with ICT tools that includes all the vocabulary gathered over the two years regarding the given topics. Uploading games on the website and playing them with the students

– organizing a European Day of Languages-presentation of various EU countries, knowledge contest

15.04.2015 All
24 – lecture with an athlete or scientist who has worked abroad. Students will prepare questions about the recommendations, requirements, attitudes, language, expectations concerning studying or working abroad

– creating a guidebook for a young European citizen who wants to stay or study abroad: „Crossing borders”

30.04.2015 all

– creating a multilingual sports songbook in English, German, Polish, Catalan, Spanish and Turkish

– learning the sports song-Polish students and teachers will teach the partner the most popular Polish sports song (in English and Polish)

– presenting the brochures of Codes of Conduct for Play True Generation as well as PPTs about sports values

– classes on DNA extraction and floral in vitro cultures in a laboratory at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences

– a visit in the Copernicus Centre and meetings with the famous sports people in the Polish Olympic Centre

– organizing football matches. Doing sports together: volleyball, cycling, walking

– creating a multilingual dictionary of sports and science referring to the given topic

– final evaluation of the project

– presenting the ICT tools created in each school with all the vocabulary gathered over the Comenius Project

PL-POLAND May/June 2015 All, Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Polish Olympic Centre
26 – broadcasting the meeting on the Internet and presenting it in the press 30.06.2015 All, local media